Introduction to Sound Design in Arts

Workshop mit Katatonic Silentio
Termin: 02. & 03.02.2023, Uhrzeit: 15:00-19:00 & 10:00-14:00 Uhr

The workshop will provide an introduction to sound design and sound communication and will look at the relationship between production and perception as well as at the use of sound design in new media.

The term sound design refers to the creation of sound for images, especially for film, television and video games, up to the most recent application in the field of multimedia art. Originally subordinate to the world of images, sound design has emancipated itself over time and come to be understood as a discipline in its own right, encompassing a variety of fields. How has this practice developed over time? Where does it come into play? What are the skills of a sound designer? How is sound created from scratch and what is the relationship between sound, image and space? These are some of the topics covered in the workshop, which begins with a historical and theoretical outline and ends with a series of practical exercises. 

Mariachiara Troianiello, the Milan-based sound artist behind the moniker Katatonic Silentio, works at the crossroads of electronic music, performing arts and sound studies. Both as a live performer and an independent researcher, she seeks to bridge different spheres and approaches to sonic production.

Der Workshop findet auf Englisch statt und ist offen für alle Studierenden und Absolvent:innen.

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