„Oh to be a fractal being in a linear world“ bei TEDxNuremberg

„Disrupt & Change“ ist das Motto der nächsten Ausgabe des Veranstaltungsformats TEDxNuremberg am Samstag, den 16. Juli, in der Tafelhalle. LEONARDO ist mit einem Kurzvortrag und einer Performance des Studierendenprojektes „Oh to be a fractal being in a linear world“ beteiligt.

Das Event wird komplett in englischer Sprache stattfinden.

Performance "Fractal Being"_1

For this year’s TEDxNuremberg event, we would like to invite everyone to reflect on potential focus areas that are susceptible to disruption and change. Which structures must still be disrupted to accomplish the changes we urgently need? How has COVID-19 created an opportunity for disruption and change? What are the best ways to achieve a paradigm shift, behavioural shift or mindset shift? What is the potential cost or sacrifice of this disruption or change? And what transformations can we expect in the foreseeable future?

LEONARDO – Center for Creativity and Innovation is a cooperation between the Nuremberg Institute of Technology, the Nuremberg University of Music and the Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg. We enable professors, students and businesses to develop new and exciting ideas at the intersections of technology, arts, science and society. Supported by LEONARDO, students created the interactive and audiovisual live performance „oh to be a fractal being in a linear world“. In the course of the performance, connections and interactions are created between sound, live visuals and how the human body moves through space. It uses technological devices, particularly motion tracking and audio-reactive images. Thereby, sounds and movements are equally translated and extended into the virtual space. The performance also transfers these impacts into abstract images adding another dimension to current activities in real time.

Weitere Informationen zu TEDxNuremberg: https://tedxnuremberg.com/


It’s time to disrupt and change – Tickets für das Event in der Tafelhalle gibt es hier.


Samstag, den 16. Juli 2022, ab 16 Uhr


Tafelhalle, Äußere Sulzbacher Straße 62, 90491 Nürnberg